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Welcome to the Danny Phantom and Cheela Wiki

The wiki about Nickelodeon's original series, Danny Phantom and Robert L. Forward's Cheela series (Dragon's Egg and Starquake) that anyone can edit.

425 articles since September 23, 2019. The wiki is just in its beginnings so many pages and images have not yet been created/uploaded, but anyone can help!

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About the Show and Books

The show is about a 14-year old little boy named Daniel "Danny" Fenton. After activating his parents's ghost portal he gains ghost powers and uses them to save the worlds he straddles. In this series Danny discovers all kinds of friends and foes and straddles between a shy little boy and a hero. This show is great if you want some action in your cartoon life and if you just want to have fun!

The books are about a scientifically possible life form, called the Cheela, that live on a white-hot neutron star called Dragon's Egg that is passing by the Solar System. Humans detect it and find and tutor the Cheela, which live millions of times longer than them. When an asteroid damages one of the human's spacecraft, and when a quake and barbarian arise on the neutron star, the two races must help each other!